Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Training Time Tuesday: coming when name is called

Hi Everyone -- I'm starting a new bi-weekly series called "Training Time Tuesday" where every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month, I'll feature a quick and easy training time tool you can practice with your children during non-conflict times. In other words, take some time during the day when everyone is in a great mood (even for you mom!) and practice some of these tools with your children. You'll be amazed at the results you will see!

Do your kids run the other way when you call their names? When it's time to leave the playground do you have to call your child's name over and over and over again? Well, practice this great tool and soon you'll be having your child coming to you every time you call their name!

Coming when mommy or daddy call you

Training Time:
Take some time each day or even throughout the day, say 5-10 minutes, practicing this great tool. First start off by telling your children that when Mommy or Daddy call your name, they need to come to where you are at, right away. Stress to your children that you will only call their name one time and that they are to come to you. Make sure that you in fact only call their name one time! Also, make sure when calling their name, you are actually close enough (or loud enough) that they in fact can hear you. After you have explained the expectations, then it's time for training time! Tell your children it's time to practice - or in our house, we actually call it training time! Have your children go to different areas of the house. You stay in a different area then where they are at. Then call your child's name, once, and wait for them to come to you. Praise them for obeying your instructions. Do this several times over and over again. Make it fun and exciting and show lots of enthusiasm. Also have your children go into different areas of the house and call their names again for them to come to you. After a couple of weeks of doing this, you will notice a difference when you are out that your children will come to you when you call their names!


  1. Great explanation Jen. I am so thrilled with this venture and what you bring to other moms struggling with areas in parenting. Can't wait for the next one!!