Friday, March 18, 2011

Accountable Kids

So I've been looking for a chore chart to use with my kids. I had several requirements, but mainly wanted something easy that even my kids could just do it on their own -- of course after teaching them expectations on how to do each chore. I also needed a chore chart that would provide an easy way to start allowing certain chores to be done to earn money. My 5 year old is starting to want specific things he sees and so I'm feeling now is a great time to start teaching the importance of earning money for the things we want (of course after tithing and savings...). A friend told me about this program called Accountable Kids. She actually started using it for her 2 boys and so I borrowed her book to read up on their program. I have to say, I was very excited about all the program had to offer. Not only did it help the kids know what chores they had to do (with pictures and words!), but it also taught the importance of doing work around the house just because you live there and also provided ways to do additional chores to earn money. (I only have this option set up for my 5 year old right now).

I'll write more on the program after we've used it for 30 days. This was our first week at it and I have to say what is really nice about this program is instead of saying "Owen did you make your bed this morning", I can just tell him to make sure he's checked his board. Being that this is the first week, there has been reminders for the kids to check their boards but as time progresses is the idea that kids will just do their chores without any prompting or reminding. What motivates them to do this, you may ask? Well for every section of chores they complete (morning, afternoon and evening) they come and get a "privilege ticket" that can be used for a predetermined list of privileges you have come up with. I have to say, this has significantly reduced TV time in our house since for us, if you don't have a ticket, you can't watch a show.

When I first got the kit, I hung it up in our kitchen and without ever saying anything to the kids about it, for the next 2 days my son made his bed without me even saying anything! Then this last Sunday we had the "formal" training (don't worry, they break it down in the book into 4 manageable sections to teach your kids how to use the program and then you move onto the other section once everyone is comfortable). The next morning, both my kids had gotten up and started on their chores right away. I didn't even say a word!

Anyway, you should go and check out the Accountable Kids video they have on posted on their website at Also come back to my blog and look for a few updates on how things are going for us. I have to say, my husband has been really impressed on how both of the kids seem to really enjoy doing their chores, moving their completed chores over, getting their tickets and redeeming them for privileges. Like their website says "Raising Accountable Kids has never been so much fun!" And I'm loving how it's taking the responsibility off of me and putting it on the kids -- where it belongs!

Go and watch the video and let me know what you think about the Accountable Kids program!


  1. Hi
    Tami was telling me about this online job chart that they have recently started, it looked pretty user friendly, but maybe more-so if your kids get on the computer more.

  2. yes, Tami shared that link as well and I spent a few minutes looking at it. I don''t like the idea of the kids using the computer without asking me first. This system has been great since half the time I didn't even realize they did they chores until they come and ask for a privilege card since they got their section of jobs completed. I was lucky and found the someone selling their unused system for a great price. My husband has even been super impressed with how motivated the kids have been -- which I know can be achieved with other programs. I just liked how this encompassed not only chores, but paying chores, behaviors, and teaching of delayed gratification. Thanks for the sharing the site, though! Others may like to know about it.