Tuesday, December 15, 2009

and not so proud moments...

We just got back from ToysRus so I could score my great deal on the TAG reading system (it was on sale for $34 vs $50 and I had a $10 off manufacturer coupon plus a $5 ToysRus coupon = $20!!!) Anyway, both kids did pretty good as we were going through the store and staying with me but at checkout things all went out of control! I need to remember my tools I have taught my kids and so when we are out and about I can tell them what they need to do knowing that we have practiced them. One thing Owen is doing when I tell him to hold his hands is he'll lay on the floor of the store. Not as a tantrum, but more just laying down and folding his hands...which i really don't want him doing since he becomes a road block to people around us...anyway, I know I don't have 90% compliance and with anything PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!! ;-)

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