Monday, December 14, 2009

Okay / Alright

So I did a little experiment today...I counted how many times I said "okay" or "alright" to my kids. In my defense I've been saying "okay" or "alright" to get affirmation from my kids - so I knew that they heard what I was saying or telling them to do. (Another reason training for the "yes, mom" response is so important!!!) What I wasn't realizing is that by saying "okay" or "alright" after my instruction sounded to my kids as a request, not a command. By saying "okay" or "alright" gave them the option to obey and it also comes across as me asking my kids for permission (Thanks GKGW's Toddler Transition presentation). "Mommy is going to go type on the computer upstairs, okay?" "Time to pick up your toys, alright?" "Time to go to bed, okay?" In each of these examples, your child has an option to say no to it verses if you just "say what you mean to say" you will truly be instructing your child and not asking for their permission...who's the one in authority, anyway?! And just so you know -- I said okay at least 8 times and alright 5 times...I'm realizing that a lot of child training has to do with mom training too! ;-)

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