Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Touch the car...

So an idea shared on the Toddler Transition DVDs was teaching your kids when they get out of the car to touch the side of the car so you don't have to worry (as much) about them wandering around the car/parking lot. It's always a great idea to do any training at home first so when you actually apply it when you are out your kids will have a better understanding of what your expectations are.

Here are some ideas on how to "train" for this at home:
* Actually take your kids out to your car and practice getting in and out of the car and as soon as the kid/kids get out of the car how they are to immediately touch the car.

* Practice at home and set up some dining room chairs as your pretend car and show the kids where they are to touch on the chair. Get in and out of your pretend car and have the kids touch the "car" until you tell them it's okay to take their hand off the car.

* Another application shared in the videos was how you can also teach your kids to touch the shopping cart if for some reason they are starting to wander away from you, you can instruct them to "touch the cart" -- but again, this needs to be practiced at home. A great way to train for this is to use one of your kids toy shopping carts and walk around the house with the kids like you were at the grocery store. Every so often call out "touch the cart".

* You can also use this to have your kids "touch your leg" if you are walking/standing someplace and you need them right near you (maybe an elevator or escalator perhaps?). Having a place where your kids can focus on keeping their hands will prevent their hands from being other places and potentially causing problems.

Wanna make it even more fun for your kids when you are wanting them to touch the car until you are ready to walk across the parking lot -- get your kids favorite character sticker or magnetic cling (We have a Fighting Irish magnetic cling on our car) and place that on the side of the car where your kids can focus on where they are to be touching the car until you are ready.

This is a great lesson in first time obedience for health and safety!

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  1. OOh, I can put a fun magnet on their kmas list. i like that magent idea, then they aren't running their hands all over a dirty car.