Thursday, December 24, 2009

Be Consistent!

It has been said that it takes around 28 days to form a new habit so why do we expect our kids on our first try of doing something new that they will get it and do it?

For example, the first couple times my daughter had room time, she thought she was being sent to her room for time out and it took a bit of time for her to know that room time is different than being sent to her room to sit on her bed for time out. But if I would have given up after the first, second or even third time of her protesting of not wanting to be in her room then we wouldn't be enjoying room time today. Same thing with eating vegetables, new foods or anything new - some kids do take longer than others to adapt to changes. But as moms (and dads) it's important to allow your kids time to adapt. Be consistent with your new tools and routines and give it at least a week or two to evaluate how things are going before changing things.

Another aspect of being consistent not only comes with your training times and routines but also being consistent throughout the day regarding the things you are trying to teach your children regarding moral excellence. If you are training your children in the importance of obedience take opportunities throughout the day to talk about things you see, hear, and do that show or do not show obedience.

One great place to do this is when you have worship time with your kids. We just read the story this morning about Balaam and how he asked God what he should do and God told him not to go with the messengers. But did Balaam obey God right away? NO - he asked God again what he should do and then still took the money and went with the messengers. We talked about the importance of obeying God right away just like they are to obey mommy and daddy right away.

It's also important to make sure the TV/DVD shows you have your kids watch agree with the moral excellence you are training them in. I love hearing Owen talk about a show and saying how good a character was and how they obeyed right away. It really helps all the training and principals sink in.

Be consistent...don't expect your children to change over night. It takes time and practice and well, being consistent!

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