Monday, December 14, 2009

Quite Time or Quiet Time?

Yes, like I mentioned before, I'm a numbers person and not a words person...a friend asked if I meant to be writing quiet time - which I was. It's not a new term "quite" time. Sorry about that! (I did go back and edit the rest of the blog to be correct...) Also, I do find my "mommy brain" at work sometimes and things I for sure typed ended up being totally different words that make no sense at all and I don't even know how they got on the page to begin with! I really sometimes wonder what having kids did to me!

I also want to take this time to just share that I by no means think I have perfect kids or that I have the perfect answer. I don't have perfect kids and that's why I had to try a new approach on the way I was handling disobedience and other undesirable behavior in and out of our home. I have just been so amazed by just the small change of having "training time" in our day has really helped everyone out! The kids are learning and practicing what I'm expecting of them and of their behavior. And with the practice time I am seeing during the day how my kids will stop and think about what we were practicing and they actually implement their new knowledge throughout the day on the way they are handling their emotions and listening to mommy and daddy.

My hopes for this blog is to start a community of readers where we are sharing with each other our ideas and struggles we face in training our children. When I went through the GKGW program and they talked about teaching in non-conflict moments it sounded great but I just wasn't sure how to really implement it. How do I teach how to obey mommy in times of non-conflict? How do I teach what being kind is? How do I teach what being best friends with your sibling mean? So I just had to start coming up with ideas and so far things have been coming together nicely. I just wanted to share with anyone interested some of the ideas I came up or have read about so you don't have to come up with your own ideas. But if you do have your own ideas please, please share them with us! I'd love to hear from you too!

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  1. I've realized I'm going to have to train myself to type quiet as quiet and not quite. For some reason I'm in the habit of spelling it quite and not quiet. I really have to stop and pause while I type it out...just bare with me! ;-)